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Farms in Kerala are always an area of great study for the foreigners. Come and visit the farms with Sunny Holidays Kerala.

Farm Tourism, an integral part of eco-tourism, has become a very successful tourism programme in Kerala. It keeps the agricultural interests of the farmers intact while providing them extra income through tourist visits to the farm. Integration of agriculture with tourism activities also helps farmers to market their produce to a new group of buyers – the tourists.

Usually, organic farming and related development methods are followed in farms integrated with tourism activities. There are no artificial gardens or artificial ponds in these farms and no chemicals are used.

Tourists get a chance to visit farms and learn farming methodologies. Journeying to such a farm itself is a pleasant experience as these farms are usually located in the remote countryside blessed with much natural beauty. Some farms provide accommodation facilities as well for a better feel of life on a farm. By virtue of their location, farms that are located near the forest offer trekking and mountain climbing opportunities

Farms in Kerala

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